Vladimir Mitev: A redefinition of Romania’s anti-corruption fight takes place

The founder of the blog “Bridge of Friendship” analyses the context in which the European Commission published its report for the progress of judicial reform in Romania in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio

On 18 November 2017 the founder of the blog “Bridge of Friendship” Vladimir Mitev gave an interview for the emission “Saturday 150” of the Bulgarian National Radio. The interview was about  the Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification report of the European Commission on progress of Romania’s judicial reform.

Report has concluded that the impulse for reforms in Romania is diluted. The document was interpreted in different ways by the president Klaus Iohannis and the justice minister Tudorel Toader. The document was announced days before Romanian parliament’s discussions on legislative changes that strengthen political control over justice. The efforts of ruling social democrats to redefine fight against corruption in Romania have caused the unhappiness of the urban middle class, which plans protests on 26 November, Sunday, together with labour unions, which are unhappy with other measures – the transfer of the larger part of the burden for payment of social contribution from the employer to the employee.

The fight against corruption guarantees that Romania follows with fidelity the road, outlined by euroatlantic partners. The redefinition of this fight could be interpreted as a sign that country follows the road of countries such as Poland and Hungary, which have their own understanding of their national interests, different from the understanding of Brussels. The video presents the interview in its complete version, with subtitles in English.

Read in Romanian language!

Read in Bulgarian language!

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