Horse Easter 2022: a celebration of the Bulgarians of Târgoviște in Romania

The Horse Easter of the Bulgarians of Târgoviște is closely related to the religious Orthodox tradition, with its rituals bread – “koncheta”, being blessed at the local church (source: Lucia Costache)

A video report by Columna TV captures the spirit of the tradition with which the inhabitants of the Matei Voievod neighborhood celebrate the beginning of spring and bear witness to their presence in the area since the mid-nineteenth century

The Bulgarians of Targovishte in Romania celebrated their traditional spring festival, Horse Easter (Tudorița), on 12 March 2022. The community, which has lived in the Matej Vojvodo district of Targovishte since the mid-19th century, annually honours its Bulgarian traditions and the animal on which Bulgarian farmers in Romania have always relied, the horse. To this end, horse races are organised. Special bread bearing the auspicious name ‘koncheta’ is prepared and eaten by the farmers and their horses. And all this was dressed in the spirit of Orthodoxy and the religiosity of the Bulgarians of Targovishte.

In 2022, the event contained a parade of horses and a competition for their beauty and skills, and at the same time a performance of dance ensembles of Bulgarian children in folk costumes. Organisers said guests came from many towns and villages in Romania and the event was the only one of its kind in the country.

“The Bridge of Friendship” was granted the right to translate a video report of the event on the local Columna TV. The video with English subtitles can be viewed here:

Photo: The Horse Easter unites Romanians and Bulgarians (source: YouTube)

Read in Romanian language!

Read in Bulgarian language!

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