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The Bridge of Friendship between Rousse and Giurgiu (photo: Yavor Michev, CC BY-SA 3.0)

The blog ”The Bridge of Friendship” is a project of Vladimir Mitev.


20 September 2015:

In the time of the Bulgarian revival the young Bulgarians used to become adults as they crossed the Danube and settled to the north of it. True to the tradition, I have been following my searches in Romania for years. I pass The Bridge of Friendship close to Rousse both as a tourist and for work.

I have been working almost seven years as a journalist, which allowed me to interview some of the greatest Romanian intellectuals and experts on political and social questions. In the meantime I learned Romanian language to the extent to interview people in Romanian. I found friens – Romanians, who are ready to support me, without asking for anything in return. And I consider our two people’s rapproachment as a cause.

I realise that Romania and Romanians are unknown for many Bulgarians. The connections Bulgairans have with Serbians, Greeks or Turks seem to be much more developed. Romanians also don’t know a lot about their southern neighbours, apart from the Black sea resorts, where they like to go on vacation in summer, and the winter resort of Bansko.

I would like to contribute to the our two people’s mutual knowledge. I intend to translate interesting interviews and articles from Romanian to Bulgarian and vice versa, to publish original articles an interviews. I hope that with the time the readers from both sides of the Danube will develop their curiosity towards the interesting people and stories of their neighbours on the other bank of the river. I also hope that the duo Romania-Bulgaria will form itself and will accelerate on the highway to modernity.

The name “movafaq” could bring luck – in Perisan it means “success”, “agreement”, “accomplishment”.