Emilia Mrdakovic: It is great that lots of young people saw the spectacles at the theatre festival in Giurgiu

Emilia Mrdakovic (photo: YouTube)

Interview with the Bulgarian Emilia Mrdakovic – director of the Youth Theatre in Novi Sad – about her impressions from the International Festival of the Danubean Theatres in Giurgiu, about its collaboration with the theatre of Giurgiu, about the plays and the successes of her theatre team and the difficulties before the young actors and directors in Serbia

Vladimir Mitev

Emiliya Stoyanova Mrdakovic is an actress and a theatre director. She has graduated from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts ”Krastio Sarafov” in 1989. She has directed more than 30 plays for children and adolescents in Serbia, Montenegro, Russia and other countries. She has received more than 60 awards in the country and abroad. Starting in the end of 2014 she is the director of the Youth Theatre in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The youth theatre in Novi Sad participated in the International Festival of the Danubean Theatres, which took place in Giurgiu in between 29 October and 4 November 2018. The Serbian actors presented the play ”Evgeni Onegin”, based on the work with the same name by Alexander Pushkin.

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Dessislava Mihailova: Ruse Summer Free Tour is our voluntary effort to be useful for our city

Dessislava Mihailova (photo: Dessislava Mihailova)

Interview with the founder of the free tour of the Danubian city about the balance from the last three years’ activity, the problems before volunteering out of Sofia, the presence or the absence of the free spirit today and the need for realisation of Rousse’s potential

Vladimir Mitev

Dessislava Mihailova was born in Rousse. She attended the English language school in the Danubean city. A few years later she graduated from the University of Veliko Tarnovo, where she studied Applied linguistics with English and Arabic language. After that, she entered a completely new profession and worked in the financial sector of Bulgaria for eight years. More than seven years ago she discovered her vocation and started by creating and supporting technical documentation for end users. She works in one of the largest and most useful American firms in the software business in Bulgaria.

She is the founder of the pedestrian Ruse Summer Free Tour and is the president of the association “Kulturtur Ruse”, which is the legal entity behind the Tour. Ruse Summer Free Tour represents a free pedestrian walk in the centre of Ruse, which is made in English. The first edition of the tour comes on 22 July 2016. At present, it is made every Saturday from May to September with a starting hour 18:00 and starting point the Statue of Liberty.

Dessislava Mihailova develops also a blog about her hometown Rousse – Rousse City Guide”. On 3 december 2018 Ruse Summer Free Tour received the municipality’s prize for original tourist initiative for 2018.

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Vladimir Mitev: Liviu Dragnea answers to the negative report of the European Commission by attempting to neutralise his party opponents

(photo: Bulgarian National Radio)

The founder of the the blog ”The Bridge of Friendship” gave an interview to the Bulgarian National Radio about the latest ministerial changes in the Romanian cabinet

The emission for international politics of the Bulgarian Natioanal Radio – ”Saturday 150”, interviewed the founder of the blog ”The  Bridge of Friendship” and editor of the Romanian section of the site ”The Barricade” Vladimir Mitev on the current political events and relations in Romania.

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Who gets isolated by the anti-Iranian sanctions – Teheran or Trump?

The word ”checkmate” comes from the Persian ”shah” (king) and mat (dead) (photo: Pixabay, CC0)

The EU, Russia and China work on mechanism through which they could continue developing economic relations with the Islamic Republic

Vladimir Mitev

This article was published on 9 November 2018 on the site ”The Barricade”. 

”Our revolution was not a fundamentalist revolution advocating a return to the past…. The progress we are familiar with was the modernity we experienced before the revolution and we saw that it did not lead to benefits and progress in our society…. Our revolution was not for creating a completed version of new modernity, however, until the time the West starts to crumble from within, not only do we not oppose technology and technological knowledge, but truly embrace this new knowledge.”, says the Iranian philosopher and president of the Iranian Academy Reza Davari in a quote, which has gained prominence among the Iranian Studies scholars in the West. His words sound pointedly in the international context after Donald Trump came to power in the United States and the draconian sanctions against the Islamic Republic returned.

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The Wisdom of Bachy Kiko

The wiseman this time is not from India, but from the student quarter of Sofia (photo: Pixabay, CC0)

When two worlds cofront one another

This article is a short story by Vladimir Mitev, which was written a few years after Bulgaria’s entrance in the EU and represents realities from the times of the first decade of the 21th century in Sofia.

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A presentation about cross-border journalism took place in Veliko Tarnovo

The Danube Bridge at Rousse-Giurgiu (photo: Yavor Michev)

The blog ”The Bridge of Friendship” was an object of research as part of a journalistic conference in the old capital of Bulgaria

On 8 november 2018 Vladimir Mitev made a presentation in the University of Veliko Tarnovo about the cross-border journalism, which is practiced by the blog ”The Bridge of Friendship”. The presentation discussed about western cross-border journalism, which is known through investigations such as ”The Panama Papers” – the joint work of tens of journalists from different countries and media. An accent from the presentation was how the local application of the western cross-border journalism in Bulgaria – known through the work of the site ”Bivol”, has its limits. It often transforms the journaists in prosecutors or judges, while it convinces the public that ”all (the elite) are the same”, which leads to the apathy of Bulgarians.

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Maria Cernat: Today it is easier to criticize Liviu Dragnea than Coca-Cola

Maria Cernat (photo: YouTube)

Video from Maria Cernat`s presentation about the danger of concentration of media ownership

Why is it easier to criticise Dragnea in Romania than to criticise some corporation, such as Coca-Cola? Maria Cernat – lector Phd in the Department for Communication and Public Relations of the Titu Maiorescu University answers, presenting her report on „Economic censorship and concentration of capital on the market of information“. The presentation was made as part of the conference „Massmedia and democracy“, which took place on 6th Noveber 2018 in the Hyperion University in Bucharest.

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