Bulgaria and Russia – what do Romanians don’t understand?

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Monument of Soviet soldiers (photo: Pixabay, CC0)

The political lobbies of Bulgaria manipulate the Romanian public opinion without restraint, as they try to integrate it in their internal political fight. Romanians will expand their spiritual territory when they manage to see in Bulgarians more than “Russian agents”

Vladimir Mitev

This article was published on 14 February 2020 at the Romanian section of the site “The Barriacde”. 

The elections of presidents Rumen Radev in Bulgaria and Igor Dodon in the Republic of Moldova coincided with the publication of an article and map in Romanian media, which was widely read all over Romania the day after voting – 14 November 2016. On the map, Romania was coloured in blue, while all the other countries were painted red – symbolic of Russian influence. Even Ukraine was painted in red, but it was noted that it has conflict with Moscow. “MAP Romania, ever more caught in Russia’s claws: Moldova and Bulgaria have elected pro-Kremlin presidents, who join the leaders of Hungary, Serbia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, said the article at Hotnews.

When I read such articles I always wonder how supposed Bulgarian Russophilia, apparently impossible to uproot, comes together with Bulgarian belonging to NATO and the EU. Don’t our Western partners know that we are all agents of Putin? Why did they allow us to enter these integrationist structures, when our primary loyalty is with a country from outside the Euroatlantic community?

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