The digitalisation of administrative services in the Republic of Moldova is irreversible

A chuch in Chisinau (sursă: Pixabay, CC0)

Interview with the Moldovan journalist Oleg Kosih about e-government in Bessarabia

Vladimir Mitev

This interview was broadcast on 16th February 2021 in the program “Something More” on the program “Horizon” on the Bulgarian National Radio.

Georgi Markov: Transparency in governance, facilitation of citizens and reduction of risks for citizens in direct contact with the administration. These are some of the ideas that the authorities in the Republic of Moldova are implementing by providing a number of administrative services electronically. This type of interaction is already familiar to citizens and they are used to it. If it is interrupted for any reason, they will seek responsibility for why they are deprived of this opportunity. This opinion was expressed by the Moldovan journalist and founder of the Bulgarian Spirit Foundation Oleg Kosih in a conversation with his colleague from the site “The Bridge of Friendship” Vladimir Mitev. Oleg Kosih recalls the way in which electronic services were formed in the Republic of Moldova and tells how people accept this idea.

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Digitalizarea serviciilor administrative din Republica Moldova este ireversibilă

Biserica din Chişinău (sursă: Pixabay, CC0)

Interviu cu jurnalistul moldovean Oleg Kosih despre e-guvernare în Basarabia

Vladimir Mitev

Acest interviu a fost difuzat pe 16 februarie 2021 în programul „Ceva mai mult” al programului „Orizont” de la Radio Național Bulgar.

Georgi Markov: Transparență în guvernare și reducerea riscurilor pentru cetățenii în contact direct cu administrația. Acestea sunt câteva dintre ideile pe care autoritățile din Republica Moldova le pun în aplicare prin furnizarea unui număr de servicii administrative pe cale electronică. Acest tip de interacțiune este deja familiar cetățenilor și ei sunt obișnuiți. Dacă este întreruptă din orice motiv, aceștia vor cere responsabilitatea pentru motivul pentru care sunt privați de această oportunitate. Această opinie a fost exprimată de jurnalistul moldovean și fondatorul Fundației Spirit Bulgar Oleg Kosih într-o conversație cu colegul său de pe site-ul „Podul Prieteniei” Vladimir Mitev. Oleg Kosih amintește modul în care s-au format serviciile electronice în Republica Moldova și spune cum oamenii acceptă această idee.

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Електронизацията на административните услуги в Република Молдова е необратима

Църква в Кишинев (снимка: Pixabay, CC0)

Интервю с молдовския журналист Олег Косих за електронното управление в Бесарабия

Владимир Митев

Това интервю бе излъчено на 16 февруари 2021 г. в предаването “Нещо повече” на програма “Хоризонт” на Българското национално радио.

Георги Марков: Прозрачност в управлението, улесняване на граждните и намаляване на рисковите за гражданите при пряк контакт с администрацията. Това са част от идеите, които реализират властите в Република Молдова с предоставянето на редица административни услуги по електронен път. Този тип взаимодействие вече е познато на гражданите и те са свикнали с него. Ако бъде прекъснато по някакви причини, те ще потърсят отговорност защо са лишени от тази възможност. Това мнение изрази молдовският журналист и основател на фондацията “Български дух” Олег Косих в разговор с колегата от сайта “Мостът на приятелството” Владимир Митев. Олег Косих припомня пътя, по който са формирани електронните услуги в Република Молдова и разказва как хората приемат тази идея.

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Romania: Social Democrats won elections unexpectedly. People didn’t want privatization

The Romanian voter sent a signal that the Romanian right-wing parties are disconnected from the masses (source: Pixabay, CC0)

Małgorzata Kulbaczewska-Figat

This article was published on December 7, 2020 on the Polish website On December 8, 2020, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban resigned, and the government was taken over by the minister of defense, general Nicolae Ciuca. Until now, Ciuca was an extremely influential minister on whom many decisions depended. If he continues to be the prime minister of the future government, it will probably be a sign that Bucharest is preparing for Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House, when Romania and Bulgaria are expected to be at the forefront of US efforts to contain Russia and perhaps Turkey.

The activity of Romanian social democrats resembles Law and Justice Party in many respects: it is a party politically representing smaller urban centers or rural areas rather than metropolises and people who have lost as a result of transition, rather than the middle class. It is usual for PSD to take a rather conservative position. During its last rule in 2016-2019, the PSD introduced, inter alia, an increase in pensions. However, the party was weakened by corruption scandals; at the end of 2019, it had to hand over power to the pro-European National Liberal Party (PNL), while PSD’s leader, Liviu Dragnea, was sentenced in the spring of 2019 to prison for abuses (he had committed them several years earlier as a prefect in the Teleorman region).

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