Mihai Bătrânu: I want to see Bulgaria one day from the Musala peak, at the height of 2925 metres


Mihai Bătrânu before a billboard, which promotes a 2018 concert of  the rock groups from the 80s in Sofia (photo: Mihai Bătrânu)

The founder of the Romanian blog “Bulgarikon” speaks with the blog “The Bridge of Friendship” about his adventures with Bulgarian culture and language

Vladimir Mitev

Mihai Bătrânu is the founder of the blog ”Bulgarikon”, which is an effort to help his Romanian conationals to know Bulgaria. It also allows him to develop his curiosity with regard to the southern neighbour of Romania. Bătrânu has started his blog in 2013. His interest about Bulgaria is older. Like many other Romanians he watched the programmes of the Bulgarian National Television in  his childhood and learned different words and phrases in Bulgarian. After many years, while being in Bansko, he discovers that he understands a lot of Bulgarian words and decides to start to learn Bulgarian. The IT specialist travels often as a tourist – not only in Bulgaria, but also in the world. He enjoyes cooking and knowing different cultures through their food and language. He listens to rock music and learns to play the bass guitar. He is married and has one child. 

This interview was published originally on 27 May 2018 in Romanian and Bulgarian on the Bridge of Friendship blog. 

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