The Cooperation and Verification Mechanism can encourage Bulgarian-Romanian interaction

The poster of the podcast Rule of Law Rules (source:

The founder of the “Bridge of Friendship” blog gave an interview to the podcast of the Konrad Adenauer Romania Foundation about the rule of law in Bulgaria and Bulgarian-Romanian relations

Vladimir Mitev

Vladimir Mitev was invited as a guest on the podcast Rule of Law Rules of the Konrad Adenauer Romania Foundation. In the episode released on April 7, 2021, Vladimir spoke about the rule of law in Bulgaria, the over-personalized political system (under the aegis of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov), the prosecution, which is in question, and public sentiment about the rule of law and anti-corruption discourse. In addition, Vladimir spoke about the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism and how it could influence Bulgarian-Romanian relations by allowing the two countries to have their own initiative internationally.

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Mecanismul de Cooperare și Verificare poate încuraja cooperarea româno-bulgară

Posterul podcastului Rule of Law Rules (sursă:

Fondatorul blogului „Podul Prieteniei” a susținut un interviu pe podcast-ul Fundației Konrad Adenauer România despre statul de drept din Bulgaria și relațiile româno-bulgare

Vladimir Mitev

Vladimir Mitev a fost invitat  la podcastul Rule of Law Rules al Fundației Konrad Adenauer România. În episodul lansat pe 7 aprilie 2021, Vladimir a vorbit despre statul de drept din Bulgaria, sistemul politic suprapersonalizat (sub egida primului ministru Boyko Borissov), procuratura, care se află sub un semn de întrebare și sentimentul public cu privire la statul de drept și discursul anticorupție. În plus, Vladimir a vorbit despre Mecanismul de Cooperare și Verificare și despre modul în care acesta poate influența relațiile româno-bulgare, permițând celor două țări să aibă propria inițiativă la nivel internațional.

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Механизмът за сътрудничество и проверка може да окуражи българо-румънско сътрудничество

Плакатът на подкаста Rule of Law Rules (източник:

Основателят на блога “Мостът на приятелството” даде интервю на подкаста на фондация “Конрад Аденауер Румъния” за правовата държава в България и българо-румънските отношения

Владимир Митев

Владимир Митев бе поканен за гост на подкаста Rule of Law Rules на фондация “Конрад Аденауер Румъния”. В епизода, разпространен на 7 април 2021 г. Владимир говори за правовата държава в България, за свръхперсонализираната политическа система (под егидата на премиера Бойко Борисов), за прокуратурата, която е поставена под въпрос и за обществените настроения спрямо дискурса за правова държава и антикорупция. Освен това, Владимир говори за Механизма за сътрудничество и проверка и как той може да повлияе на българо-румънските отношения, като позволи на двете държави да имат собствена инициатива в международен план.

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The geopolitical vaccine war is caused by profit-making

One of the fault line between the EU and the UK after Brexit is related to vaccines (source: Pixabay, CC0)

Vladimir Mitev

This article was published on 7 February 2021 at the English section of the site The Barricade.

The spat between the EU and the UK over the shortfall of deliveries of AstraZeneca vaccines revealed a European Commission with an ugly face. The threat to activate Article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol, which stipulates that a customs border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK be established, so that no transfer of vaccines to the countries outside the EU takes place, was seen as the behaviour of a bully. The threat was withdrawn a few hours after it was made at the end of January, but it created the grounds for London and the British media to go on the offensive, with the EU depicted in the role of the abuser of the Brexit agreement and the post-Brexit arrangements, even though the possibility for customs border is part of those arrangements. The EU also introduced a ban on the export of vaccines until the end of March and had “hard talks” with the managers and representatives of the pharmaceutical companies which produce COVID-19 vaccines. 

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Summary of the book “The Bulgarian-Romanian Political Relations (1944 – 1989)”

The cover of the book “The Bulgarian-Romanian political relations (1944-1989)” (source: The Bridge of Friendship)

The author of the research – Spaska Shumanova gave this summary to the readers of The Bridge of Friendship blog.

The development of the Bulgarian-Romanian political relations from 1944–1989 was influenced by multiple factors. Undoubtedly, the placement of Bulgaria and Romania in the sphere of Soviet influence at the end of the Second World War predetermined the imposition of a certain political regime in these countries, namely Soviet-type socialism. The Communist Party, the central decision-maker for the established state political system, defined the objectives, set the tasks, directed the processes and provided an assessment of the results obtained in all areas of public life in the country, as well as in foreign policy and international activity. Therefore, bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Romania depended directly on the ruling communist parties, and at a later stage they were umbilically linked to the personal perceptions or dissatisfaction of party and state leaders in the two neighboring countries.

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