Hristo Boev: “The Different Dobrudja” shows the need for cooperation between Bulgarians and Romanians

Hristo Boev (source. Hristo Boev)

Interview with the translator of Romanian literature and literary critic about his Bulgarian-Romanian study

Vladimir Mitev

Dobrudja divided Bulgarians and Romanians in the first part of the XX century. Can it unite them a century later? The literary critic and translator of Romanian literature Hristo Boev (Ph.D.) published in 2020 a book, called “The Different Dobrudja in the literature between the wars”. He studies how Bulgarians and Romanians saw each other, the literary descriptions of the towns in Southern Dobrudja, the military stories of Yordan Yovkov and George Topârceanu, what the Romanian press wrote about Bulgarians and other issues, which construct the literary and historical Bulgarian-Romanian consciousness. 

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The affirmation of a Bulgarian-Romanian blog

Reverse sight and look forward (source: Pixabay, Cc0)

This article was published at the page “About the blog” on 5 February 2021.

More than five years after the blog’s establishment, its message to the reader needs to be updated. The blog has obviously been a success. It has now more than 1000 articles in 9 languages  (English, German, Polish, Italian, Persian, Chinese, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian), 150 subscribers on WordPress or through email, more than 1000 followers of its Facebook page. As its editor and founder I have been invited for interviews on Romanian and Bulgarian politics and society by the media in Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark, Great Britain, Poland, Iran. An online and offline community formed around the blog, which includes Bulgarian-Romanian translators, scholars and academic cadres, NGO experts, analysts, journalists and common people that feel empowered by cross-border relations between Bulgarians and Romanians.

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We build bridges for business between Bulgaria and Romania

The logo of the BCCBR (source: BCCBR)

A presentation of the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Romania, which is based in Sofia and Bucharest

Doru Dragomir

This text was given to the blog The Bridge of Friendship by the head of the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Romania Doru Dragomir so that it could be used in a digital book on the Bulgarian-Romanian relations, The book should be published online later this autumn. 

The bilateral chamber of commerce Bulgaria-Romania is an organisation, whose main goal is to support the business communities in Romania and in Bulgaria in their desire to find partners in the two countries, in finding mutually complementing packages of offered products and services and in their promotion on a global scale. 

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The book „Bulgarian-Romanian political relations (1944-1989)” can be bought in Bulgaria

The volume represents the soft cover version of Spaska Shumanova’s Ph.D. work, which she defended in October 2019 in the University of Veliko Tarnovo (photo: The Bridge of Friendship)

Its author – the historian Spaska Shumanova contributes significantly to the understanding of the bilateral relations in the second half of the 20th century

Vladimir Mitev

It is rare that in-depth studies on the bilateral relations are published in Bulgarian-Romanian space. There is an evident deficit of experts, who combine curiosity towards neighbour and towards the relations with it and professionalism and systemic approach in their studies. This void is being filled now by the historian Spaska Shumanova with her freshly-published book “Bulgarian-Romanian political relations (1944-1989)”.

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Smaranda Şchiopu: I am interested in the human relations between Romanians and Bulgarians

Smaranda Şchiopu (foto: Smaranda Şchiopu)

Interview with the initiator of Project Danube, through which she wants to draw attention to the Romanian-Bulgarian periphery and its stories

Vladimir Mitev

Smaranda is a communications and media planning specialist; she worked in Romania as a PR & journalist in the cultural press, and later in a global advertising agency (Oglivy & Mather). She currently works as a media planner with a London based agency, where she coordinates advertising portfolios for the British government. 

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