Valentin Radomirski: I hope Bulgaria and Romania will manage to avoid being pushed into EU’s “2nd Tier”


Valentin Radomirski (photo: Valentin Radomirski)

An interview with the former Bulgarian ambassador in Bucharest about the Bulgarian and the Romanian presidency of the EU, about the dangers before the two countries that come from developments in the Black Sea and Middle Eastern region, about the Chinese perspective and the possibilities for regional cooperation

Vladimir Mitev

Valentin Radomirski is a Bulgarian diplomat and a foreign policy expert. He has graduated from the Moscow State University of International Relations in 1974 (having studied ”International Economic Relations”). He starts work in the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Relations in 1974. He was a counselor on foreign policy and national security in the cabinet of the Bulgarian prime minister Sergei Stanishev between 2005 and 2009. He was the Bulgarian ambassador to Romania between 2009 and 2012. After that he has been ambassador for special assignments, who was responsible for regional cooperation for an year. He was an unaccredited ambassador in the Bulgarian embassy in The Republic of Moldova between October 2013 and June 2015. He retires in 2015. He is often asked to comment on international relations by Bulgarian media.

”The Barricade” approached Valentin Radomirski with questions about the situation in the regions of constant interest for Bulgaria and Romania – Western Balkans and Black Sea, about the dangers before both countries in the changing international relations, about the possibilities for regional cooperation and so on.

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