In which domains Bulgaria does it better than Romania?

(photo: Groubani, Wikipedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

According to the data, gathered by the answer is: taxes, spent European funds, tourism and, surprisingly, salaries

Anca Olteanu

This article was published on 1 February 2019 on the Romanian economic site ”” and is republished hear with the permission of Wall-street and with small modifications. 

Romania and Bulgaria have entered in the EU in the same year, but their roads have departed over time. If we often laud ourselves that our results are better than those of the neighbours, comparing ourselves with them constantly, the reality of statistics gives advantage to the country beyond Danube. In Bulgaria taxes upon salaries are lower, there is a budget surplus and more tourists. Bulgaria has overtaken Romania, but it looks like no one is interested to observe it.

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Competition vs. Cooperation: Romania and Bulgaria on the road to the eurozone

The  euro (photo: Pixabay, CC0)

Two states fight over the last two places in the EU`s rankings, but yearn for a better outcome

Vladimir Mitev

This article was published on 26 October 2018 on the Bulgarian section of the site ”Baricada”. 

Even before their accession to the EU it was a tradition in Bulgaria and Romania to compare the progress of the two countries` advance together along the common European road. These comparisons were irritating to some people – not only because of the results that were announced, but also because of the very idea that the countries are two of a kind, without distinctive characteristics. But there were also opinions that neither Romania, nor Bulgaria would ever become another Germany and that if we wanted to achieve some kind of recognition in the world, it might be based on the neighbour with whom we are grouped together by Brussels.

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