How do European countries and Romania view Bulgaria after the April 2021 parliamentary elections?

Sorin Ioniţă (source: The Bridge of Friendship)

Interviews of the Bulgarian National Radio with the Romanian political scientist Sorin Ioniţă and with the Bulgarian foreign policy analyst Lyubomir Kyuchukov about the changing balance between technocrats and populists in the Bulgarian politics, about the possible effect of the elections on the Bulgarian-Macedonian relations and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Vladimir Mitev

In its edition of 12 April 2021, the program “Something More” on the program “Horizon” on the Bulgarian National Radio sought an answer to the question of what Bulgarian politics looks like when viewed from the outside. There were two comments on the issue: of the Romanian political scientist Sorin Ioniţă (in a conversation with Vladimir Mitev) and of the Bulgarian foreign policy expert Lyubomir Kyuchukov (in a conversation with Georgi Markov).

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