The Romanian voter allowed the pro-European parties to rule, while punishing president Iohannis

Vladimir Mitev (source: Vladimir Mitev)

This interview was broadcast live on Bulgarian National Radio, in the Horizon program on December 7, 2020.

Georgi Markov: Elections took place in Romania during the pandemic as well. The country’s citizens were called to vote yesterday for their representatives in the lower chamber of parliament and senate. The low turnout marked these elections, which according to the latest data were won by the Social Democrats. The second place was occupied by the ruling National Liberal Party. One of the surprises in these elections is the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR). The party finished fourth according to the preliminary results.

These results reveal a fragmented political image that necessitates a governing coalition. What could it look like and what changes are happening in Romania’s political life? We will now look for the answers with our colleague Vladimir Mitev, the founder of the news site about Romania and Bulgaria “The Bridge of Friendship” and the editor of the Romanian section of the site “Barricade”.

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What to expect from the Romanian parliamentary elections?

Vladimir Mitev (photo: Vladimir Mitev)

The international news and analysis program of the Bulgarian National Television “The World and Us” invited the founder of the Bulgarian-Romanian blog “Bridge of Friendship” Vladimir Mitev to comment on the upcoming December 6th 2020  parliamentary elections in Romania. How the corona crisis affects their outcome, what is their stake and what is their significance in the context of the Bulgarian-Romanian relations were some of the questions that were raised.

The interview was broadcast in Bulgarian on 3th December 2020 here.

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Ronald Young: Passion, networking and moral imperative are the key ingredients to success in cross-border cooperation


Ronald Young (photo: Ronald Young)

An expert on public management reform, blogger and art collector, resident for the past decade in Romania and Bulgaria, Ronald unveils his personal impressions of both people; his criticism of Europeanised elites and EC funding programmes; and his hope that more cross-border effort could help both countries achieve their frustrated ambitions

Interview by Vladimir Mitev

Ronald Young was a Scottish politician and academic for 20 years before becoming one of the EC’s first consultants in its programmes of Technical Assistance – which make his various critical assessments worth listening to. His blog – Balkan and Carpathian Musings – has been posting regularly since 2009. 

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