Ruse Summer Free Tour starts on 1 May 2021 for a sixth consecutive summer

Ruse Summer Free Tour will be guiding its guests for sixth consecutive year (source: Ruse Summer Free Tour)

This text is a press release of Ruse Summer Free Tour.

The free walking tours in Rousse, known as Ruse Summer Free Tour, launch on 1 May 2021 for a sixth consecutive summer in a row. The tours are intended to both Bulgarian and foreign guests as well as the residents of Rousse, and their route passes by the most popular buildings and places in the central parts of the city.

As with the previous three seasons, this year too the tours will take place every Saturday from May to September at 6:00PM from the Statue of Liberty where professionals and enthusiasts from the tourist industry in the region will tell the stories and city legends behind the places visitors will go by during the tours.

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The formula of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The logo of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (photo: BRCCI)

The history and the achievements of the Rousse-based Bulgarian-Romanian business organisation

This text was provided to “The Bridge of Friendship” blog by the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is going to become part of a digital book on the Bulgarian-Romanian relations today. 

On 10 September 2003 leading Bulgarian and Romanian companies established the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Rousse.

The creation of this organisation was initiated by the Rousse-based company “Prista Oil”. The idea was that the Chamber supports and develops the commercial relations between the firms in the two countries, to protect the economic interests of its members before public institutions, to encourage and support the possibilities for cross-border cooperation. 

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Daniel Cain: Among all the peoples of their region, Romanians and Bulgarians are the closest ones

“The life and the adventures of a Romanian shephered in Bulgaria in the times of war (1908-1918)” is a book edited by Daniel Cain (source: Publishing House Humanitas)

Interview with the historian, who has specialised in the evolution of the Romanian-Bulgarian relations in the first half of the XX century – about reconciliation and the things, which have stirred divergence between the two people

Vladimir Mitev

Daniel Cain (b. 1972) is a researcher at the Institute for Southeastern European Studies of the Romanian Academy. He has studied at Bucharest and Sofia. He is a doctor in History and has a thesis about the Romanian-Bulgarian diplomatic relations in the beginning of the XX century. At present, he is an assistant professor at the University of Bucharest, where he teaches History of Balkans (XIX-XXI century). Daniel Cain is the secretary of the Romanian part in the Mixed Romanian-Bulgarian Commission on History. He has written and has edited a number of volumes and studies about the relations in Southeastern Europe at the beginning of the previous century.

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The Rousse Summer Free Tour is back in action


The garden at the center of Rousse is a beautiful place for walk and talk (photo: Rousse Summer Free Tour)

Every Saturday evening the tourist guides offer a walk along the most interesting and beautiful places in the city in an attempt to promote its history and heritage

Starting with 2016 Rousse has its own free tour of the center – The Rousse Summer Free Tour. It will be restarted on 6 May 2017. The organizers of the tour want to bring about the city’s promotion as a tourist destination for travellers, for guests of Rousse from other parts of the country and the world, and to unveil curious historical facts before its own citizens.

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