Romania develops infrastructure links to the border with Bulgaria

The railway Bucharest-Giurgiu North will be modernised (source: Pixabay, CC0)

Florin Cîţu’s government cuts social benefits but invests in infrastructure

Vladimir Mitev

By the end of the year, a new road from the Danube Bridge border crossing to the Giurgiu-Bucharest road will be completed. This was announced by Romanian Transport Minister Catalin Drula. “One project that makes me proud is the connection with the DN5 road from the entrance from Bulgaria at the customs in Giurgiu. This will be a 6 km long expressway that will bypass Giurgiu. There will be four lanes of concrete. The previous concrete road gave defects in the 90s, but now the technology is new. There is an Austrian company that has built concrete runways in Romania. This way we will get rid of the shameful situation the moment we leave the customs. It was like Mars”, the transport minister announced on Digi FM’s “Comfortable Man” show.

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Eleonora Ivanova: We never ceased to support the Bulgarian and Romanian firms during pandemics

The Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 2003 (photo: The Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Interview with the executive director of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the influence of the present crisis on Bulgarian-Romanian economic relations, on the social-economic measures against the crisis of the governments of these two countries and on the infrastructural connectivity between them

Vladimir Mitev

Eleonora Ivanova – executive director of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is related to the chamber since its foundation in 2003, when 30 leading Bulgarian and Romanian companies recruited her as an expert. She had to help with the institutional establishment of the specialised employers’ organisation. She became the executive director of the chamber immediately after its establishment. Over the years she laboriously expanded the team and the activity of the Chamber, transforming it into a recognised business community.

Eleonora Ivanova obtained a M.A. in Finance and Banking from the Economic Academy of Svishtov, and later specialised Finance and Managerial accounting in the University of Wales, Great Britain. She has a five-year professional experience in banking and over 20 years as a consultant in business development. In the present she manages successfully her own consulting company.

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We, the Bulgarians, don’t care about the Danube


(photo: Yavor Michev)

Bulgaria doesn’t take advantage of the river and its Danubean regions are among the poorest in the whole of Europe

Mila Cherneva

This article was published on 19 July 2019 on the site of the Bulgarian newspaper ”The Capital”. It is republished here with the consent of the newspaper and with insignificant modifications.

Some of the richest regions in Germany, Austria and even Serbia are around the Danube. But in Bulgaria it is exactly the opposite. Along the river banks are situated some of the poorest municipalities. They don’t take advantage of the river’s potential. Commercial possibilities are not developed sufficiently, relations with neighbouring foreign towns are weak, and tourism is left behind. On one hand, this is explained by the negligence towards water and the lack of infrastructure, on the other hand it is caused by the lack of initiatives among the local authorities and communities.

Although there is the so-called Danubean Strategy on European level, which should help the Danubean regions to develop, it is scarcely used. That is how the Danube remains a barrier, instead of a possibility.

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For whom is the bridge “Vidin-Calafat” dangerous?


The Bridge ”New Europe” between Vidin and Calafat (photo: Pixabay, CC0)

Transport means economy and geopolitics. There is no place for wars – everyone wins from the development of road connections

Eng. Simeon Evtimov

This article was published on 30 January 2019 on the site of the Bulgarian newspaper ”Sega” (Now) and is republished here with the permission of the newspaper.

Danube Bridge” 2 is dangerous, claims eng. Ivan Yakimov, quoted recently in an article by the ”Sega” newspaper. What I read there no only surprised me, but also insulted me personally, because I was honoured to work in the entity, which constructed and managed the project and conducted it for the greatest part of its existence. Is this bridge really dangerous? It is sufficiently telling that no one has paid attention so far to the worries of eng. Yakimov (who joined the entity in 2009 without formal competition for his position). In fact, the problem does not lie in technical risks or professional disputes, but in geopolitics.

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Romania and Bulgaria walk in different directions on cross-border collaboration


The Bridge of Friendship at Rousse-Giurgiu (photo: Yavor Michev, Wikipedia)

The energy and infrastructure relations between the two countries are marked by their general reluctance to develop them. While flows of people and cargo grow at the border crossings, the price for the lack of mutual projects is to be paid by the people of their underdeveloped border regions

Vladimir Mitev

This article was published on 31 January 2017 in the Croatian portal “Bilten” with small shortening. Here it is published in its full version. 

On the Sunday evening of 8th January 2017 Bulgaria requested urgent help with electricity deliveries from Romania „for needs of prevention” amid temperatures between -11 and -16 degrees Centigrade. According to the national private tv channel BTV as of 19:00 the same day the consumption of electricty reached the unprecedented amount for the last 20 years of 7700 MWh.

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