Bulgarian protests: battles over anti-corruption?

The article’s screenshot at Open Democracy (photo: The Bridge of Friendship)

It is said that after the protests the division line in Bulgarian society is not between right and left, but between the honest and ”the captive state”. It looks like these protests are a clash of two different concepts for anti-corruption

Vladimir Mitev

This article was published at the Open Democracy site on 27 July 2020.

The Bulgarian protests of the summer of 2020 constitute an unusual eruption of political energy. Bulgaria has been known for its apathy and lack of social mobility, with many of its young people emigrating to the west for at least two decades. Today the younger generation – people in their twenties – are the most visible face of the protests. But the protests are also ‘universal’: a conflation of all kinds of ideologies, ages and geopolitical allegiances can be found represented in the squares of the big cities.

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