Vladimir Mitev: The political elite in Romania tries to neutralise the prosecutors

Interview broadcasted in the emission on international affairs ”Saturday 150” on the Bulgarian National Radio

Georgi Markov, Bulgarian National Radio

The succesive judicial reforms in Romania have provoked protests of magistrates and common people . The indignation was provoked by legislative modifications, which, acoording to experts increase the possibilities for political intervention in the functioning of the judicial system. The changes have also stirred criticism, coming from the EU and the USA, in the sense that these modifications threaten the rule of law. After all, the governmennt in Bucharest seems to be open to concessions and has announced that some propositions of the emergency decree 7 will be abrogated. All that happens, while this week the European Parliament has proposed Laura Koveşi – a symbolic person for the Romanian anti-corruption – as chief European prosecutor. We have invited for comments on these issues in our emission our colleague Vladimir Mitev – who knows the processes in Romania, having founded the site for news on Romania and Bulgaria ”The Bridge of Friendship” and being editor of the Romanian section of the site ”The Barricade”.

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