The formula of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The logo of the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (photo: BRCCI)

The history and the achievements of the Rousse-based Bulgarian-Romanian business organisation

This text was provided to “The Bridge of Friendship” blog by the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is going to become part of a digital book on the Bulgarian-Romanian relations today. 

On 10 September 2003 leading Bulgarian and Romanian companies established the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Rousse.

The creation of this organisation was initiated by the Rousse-based company “Prista Oil”. The idea was that the Chamber supports and develops the commercial relations between the firms in the two countries, to protect the economic interests of its members before public institutions, to encourage and support the possibilities for cross-border cooperation. 

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A presentation about cross-border journalism took place in Veliko Tarnovo


The Danube Bridge at Rousse-Giurgiu (photo: Yavor Michev)

The blog ”The Bridge of Friendship” was an object of research as part of a journalistic conference in the old capital of Bulgaria

On 8 november 2018 Vladimir Mitev made a presentation in the University of Veliko Tarnovo about the cross-border journalism, which is practiced by the blog ”The Bridge of Friendship”. The presentation discussed about western cross-border journalism, which is known through investigations such as ”The Panama Papers” – the joint work of tens of journalists from different countries and media. An accent from the presentation was how the local application of the western cross-border journalism in Bulgaria – known through the work of the site ”Bivol”, has its limits. It often transforms the journaists in prosecutors or judges, while it convinces the public that ”all (the elite) are the same”, which leads to the apathy of Bulgarians.

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