By electing Iohannis, the Romanian middle class votes for stability


Iohannis in the election night (photo: YouTube)

The wretched of the earth lost again

Interview realised by Małgorzata Kulbaczewska-Figat

The Polish site interviewed the founder of the blog ”The Bridge of Friendship” Vladimir Mitev about the Romanian presidential elections. The Bulgarian journalist commented what explains the support for Klaus Iohannis, how it should be interpreted in international and internal plan, the role of France in Romania and the region and the expectations from the Romanian-Polish relations after Iohannis’ reelection as head of the state. 

What follows is the text of the interview:

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The support for Iohannis is a vote of euroatlantic loyalty


(photo: Bloomberg TV Bulgaria)

The Romanian foreign policy elite insists that the ethnic German be elected, becuase it is looking for a close relation to the White House, while fearing the perspective of Russia’s becoming an acceptable partner for the EU

On 12 November 2019 the Bloomberg TV Bulgaria interviewed the editor of the blog “The Bridge of Friendhsip” in its morning emission “Business Start”. The tv host Zhivka Popatanasova wanted to learn more about the message that the vote for Iohannis represents, what are the messages of the other candidates and what could be expected from the new government of the National Liberal Party.

Here is the transcription of this interview:

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Romania heads to new five years of Iohannis


When the Romanian president Klaus Iohannis (left) was in the White House in the summer of 2019, he asked for more American troops in Romania (photo: YouTube)

The euroatlantic candidate got a convenient opponent for the second round of the presidential elections after a campaign, which was likened to selection of a monarch, not of a president

Vladimir Mitev

This article was published on 11 November 2019 on the Bulgarian section of the site “The  Barricade”. 

Romania heads to new five years of Klaus Iohannis as head of the state. On the first round of the presidential elections after 99,96% of the votes were counted, the representative of the National Liberal Party received 36,65%, while his main opponents received respectively: the former prime minister of the Social Democratic Party Viorica Dăncilă – 23,8%, Dan Barna – the leader of the Union Save Romania, which raced in an alliance with the party of Dacian Cioloş ”Plus” – 13,99% and the actor and former member of the European Parliament Mircea Diaconu – 9,25%. In the next round it is expected that Barna’s voters, the voters of the candidate of the Hungarian minority and the voters of Teodor Paleologu, who was supported by the former president Traian Băsescu, to vote for Iohannis. Dănciă will probably receive a part of the voters of the people who stood behind Mircea Diaconu, but not of all of them. That is how Dăncilă has no chances to win again Iohannis.

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The new Romanian government of Ludovic Orban will introduce austerity


(photo: YouTube)

It is almost sure that Klaus Iohannis will win the presidential elections, claims the editor of the blog ”The Bridge of Friendship” in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio

On 9 November 2019 the editor of the blog ”The Bridge of Friendship” was interviewed in the emission ”Saturday 150” of the Bulgarian National Radio. The questions from the interview tried to clarify the expectations towards the new Romanian government in internal plan, its relations with the European Commission and the expectations for results of the presidential election, whose first tour will take place on 10 November 2019.

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