We saw the Bulgarian politicans’ housing. Where is their housing policy?

The poster to the “festival” of right to housing, which took place in Cluj Napoca in March 2019 (photo: Social Houses Now)

There is a rising movement for right to housing for all in European countries, including in neighbouring Romania. In Bulgaria the issue of social housing continues to be taboo

Vladimir Mitev

This article was published on 11 April 2019 on the Bulgarian section of the site “The Barricade”. 

In the context of the apartment scandals, which have shaken the Bulgarian governing elite, few people notice that Bulgarian politicians have taken a good care of their own housing interests, but have ignored completely their obligations towards society. Namely – they have ignored the need for conducting a state and municipal housing policy, which exists in all the civilised European countries. The few municipal houses, which have remained in use in the big cities, have been left “to their own means”. There are almost no new houses constructed, which get built only if some occasional European project funds are to be absorbed. At the same time hundreds of thousands Bulgarians suffer under the burden of rents, whose payment demands almost half of a medium salary in the country.

In this context it is almost unknown in Bulgaria that there is a right to city and right to housing movement, which unfolds in Europe. It defines housing as “right”, not as “goods”. This movement opposes the rising prices of rent in the big European cities, supports the construction of social housing, which are public property, defends the rights of the homeless and is an attempt for protection of public interest against the deviations of the real estate market.

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