Ion Lixandru: The time has come for a large-scale Bulgarian-Romanian cooperation in infrastructure

Can Romania and Bulgaria cooperate in infrastructure development? (photo: Wikipedia)

The coordinator for Infrastructure and Transport at the Coalition for Romania’s Development has come out publicly with proposals for joint action between Romania and Bulgaria and infrastructure, which he outlines in this interview for “The Bridge of Friendship” blog

Vladimir Mitev

Ion Lixandru was born in Bucharest 61 years ago. He has graduated from the High School of Transport. He was a worker at the construction of the channel Danube – Black Sea in 1977 for three months. He comes from the family of heavy truck drivers (for internal and international transport).

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Codru Vrabie: The Romanian-Bulgarian mini-Schengen seems a good idea


Codru Vrabie (photo: Vlad Stanciu, INK Assocation)

Interview with the Romanian expert on good governance on the idea of a Romanian-Bulgarian Schengen, on a similar initiative for a regional Schengen in the Western Balkans and on the barriers before Romanian-Bulgarian cooperation

Vladimir Mitev

Codru Vrabie is a civic activist, trainer and consultant on good governance, transparency, responsibility, and integrity in the public sector. He has contributed to many reform measures in justice and public administration. Vrabie has BAs in legal and political sciences (Romania, Bulgaria, the USA) and MAs in administrative sciences and European affairs (Romania, the Netherlands, Spain). He has worked for various Romanian civil society organizations since 1998. In 2010, Vrabie started working with the Leaders for Justice” programme, which was replicated in 2017 by the Republic of Moldova. In April 2018, Codru joined the team of – a project of the Courage Ahead Association (Curaj Înainte).

After the last CVM report Romania and Bulgaria remain outside the Schengen area. In this context the blog ”The Bridge of Friendship” tries to bring the attention at a less-disccused idea in our countries – the creation of a bilateral Schengen area between Romania and Bulgaria. Interviews with supporters and sceptics to this idea will be published. 

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A digital booklet about Romanian-Bulgarian relations explores the difficult interaction between both states


The Bridge of Friendship (photo: Yavor Michev, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikipedia Commons)

Infrastructural projects and international relations are two domains, where Bucharest and Sofia look for collaboration, but don`t manage always to find reciprocity

Vladimir Mitev

The blog „Bridge of Friendship“ published a digital book in English, Romanian and Bulgarian language, called „The Difficult Cooperation: Romania and Bulgaria’s Foreign Policy Exchanges and Infrastructural Projects after a decade in the EU“. The document collects 11 articles, published on the blog in the last two years. A part of these articles is republished on blog with permission from media in Croatia (Bilten), Romania (Gândul, PS News, Ioniţa`s) and Bulgaria (A-specto, Baricada).

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