How is Romanian literature received in Southern Dobruja?

Hristo Boev and Bogdan Boeru (source: Hristo Boev)

Bulgarian translator Hristo Boev’s presentation in Craiova discusses a variety of his translated titles and their promotional events

On 27-28 August 2021, a cross-border and trans-Danube literary festival was held at the Craiova County Library, bringing together intellectuals from Romania and Bulgaria. The Bridge of Friendship blog offers here the transcript of perhaps the only event within the festival that had a Romanian-Bulgarian character. It is the presentation of Hristo Boev – translator of Romanian literature, who offered pictures and stories about his work in recent years. The discourse takes place as photos from Boev’s presentation are changed on the screen in the American corner of the library.

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Hristo Boev: “The Different Dobrudja” shows the need for cooperation between Bulgarians and Romanians

Hristo Boev (source. Hristo Boev)

Interview with the translator of Romanian literature and literary critic about his Bulgarian-Romanian study

Vladimir Mitev

Dobrudja divided Bulgarians and Romanians in the first part of the XX century. Can it unite them a century later? The literary critic and translator of Romanian literature Hristo Boev (Ph.D.) published in 2020 a book, called “The Different Dobrudja in the literature between the wars”. He studies how Bulgarians and Romanians saw each other, the literary descriptions of the towns in Southern Dobrudja, the military stories of Yordan Yovkov and George Topârceanu, what the Romanian press wrote about Bulgarians and other issues, which construct the literary and historical Bulgarian-Romanian consciousness. 

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The remarkable Romanian literature and its Bulgarian translations

Hristo Boev speaking at an event with the participation of the Romanian writer Bogdan Boeru (left) (source: Hristo Boev)

Elena Vladova

Hristo Boev was born in Plovdiv. He graduated in English philology at the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv. In 2013 he defended his Ph.D. research in British and American literature at Ovidius University, Constanta, Romania, on “Modern (ist) Portrayals of the City in Dickens and Dos Passos: Similarities, Differences, Continuities.” In 2020 he published a monograph on “The Different Dobrudja in the interwar literature.” He has participated in international conferences on topics such as: “literary urbanism”, “translation issues”, “immigration and relocation” and others. His research interests are in the field of new British and American literature, Romanian literature between the wars, geocriticism, literary urbanism, as well as comparative literature. He teaches British and American literature at the University of Sofia “Bishop Konstantin Preslavski”. He is the winner of the translation award of the Liviu Rebranu Literary Museum (2016) and of Media AwART Varna (2020) for his translation of Cella Serghi’s Spider Web. He has translated a number of classical and contemporary novels from Romanian into Bulgarian.

This article was published on January 17, 2021 on the site “The Urban Magazine”.

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Hristo Boev: The contemporary Romanian writers are infallible in their portrayal and criticism of the present


Hristo Boev among students at the Bucharest University (photo: Hristo Boev)

An interview with the Bulgarian translator of Romanian literature

Hristo Boev was born in Plovdiv. He has graduated from the Plovdiv University „Paisii Hilendarski“ with a degree in English philology. Boev is a lecturer in English, Romanian and French. He is a Ph.D. holder specialized in comparative American and English literature at the Ovidius University in Constanta. He teaches English literature at the Shoumen University “Konstantin Preslavski”. At the end of 2019 the literary network “Traduki” organized, together with the National Museum of Romanian Literature and Headsome Communication, two residences in Bucharest for translators and writers. Out of the candidates from Albania, Bosna and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro the Bulgarian translator Hristo Boev and the Slovenian writer Urosh Prah were approved for the residencies.

This article was published on 27th January 2020 on the Bulgarian cultural site “”. It is republished here with the permission of Svidetelstva.

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The Romanian stand at the Book Fair in Sofia enjoys success


Iuliana Mircea and Alexandru Popescu (photo: The Bridge of Friendship)

Interview with the two representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Culture, who hosted the stand – Iuliana Mircea and Alexandru Popescu, about the Bulgarian reactions on the Romanian stand’s edition in Sofia, about the Bulgarian translation school of Romanian literature and about the secret, which helps the Romanian literature conquers the region

Vladimir Mitev

Iuliana Mircea is a councillor in the department “Written Culture and Contemporary Creation” within the Romanian Ministry of Culture. Alexandru Popescu is an inspector in the same department. Both of them represented the Romanian Ministry of Culture at the Book Fair in Sofia (10-15 December 2019). The Book Fair exhibited books in Romanian language and hosted a lot of events with the participation of other creators from Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria: Varujan Vosganian, Florin Irimia, Elise Wilk, Elena Vlădăreanu, Lora Nenkovska, Emil Andreev, Svetoslav Jelev. The Bulgarian translation of various books, written by the authors from Romania and the Republic of Moldova were launched. Also, a discussion on “literatures in mirror” (the Romanian and the Bulgarian one), was held. It dealt with the problems of edition and promotion of national literature abroad and with the need for communication and deeper cultural knoweldge between Romanians, Moldovans and Bulgarians.

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