Bulgaria is a NATO and EU member with the corresponding obligations and loyalties

Interview given to the Iranian Labour News Agency about the Romaniann politics after the formation of the centre-right government in December 2020 and about the state and future of Bulgarian-Russian relations in 2021

Bulgaria is a NATO and EU member with the corresponding obligations and loyalties — The Persian Bridge of Friendship – Персийският мост на приятелството – Podul Persan al Prieteniei – پل دوستی فارسی

The Romanian Macron


Once Cioloş was close to the European People’s Party. Now he is a macronist (photo: European People’s Party)

Dacian Cioloş has become the president of the parliamentary group of the macronists în the European parliament. In Romania he is the face of the technocratic vision for governance of the country

Vladimir Mitev

This article was published on 25 June 2019 in the newspaper ”Word”. 

Dacian Cioloş was the Romanian minister of agriculture (2007-2008), the eurocommissioner for agriculture and rural development (2010-2014) and the prime minister of Romania (2015-2017). On 19 June 2019 Cioloş climbed a new peak, as he became the presidenet of the group Renew Europe in the European Parliament, which unites the people of the French president Emmanuel Macron, the liberal-democrats of Great Britain, the Spanish pro-business party Ciudadanos and other parts from the former liberal group ALDE. The position suits very well the political profile of Cioloş, who is a francophone, married to a French woman and was considered to be ”the second French commissioner”, while he was in the European Commission. Now a new label is attached to the politician – ”the Romanian Macron”.

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