Romania – a student of excellence or poor learner?


The relations between Bucharest and Brussels are not so bad (photo: YouTube, channel of Romanian government)

Bulgarian media narrative on Romania changed significantly. The recent wave of romanoscepticism in Bulgaria on the occasion of the starting presidency of the EU simply follows the mainstream of Bruxelles, but doesn`t help for the better understanding of what is going on in the region

Vladimir Mitev

This article was published on 12 January 2019 on the Bulgarian section of the site “The Barricade”.

The days before the official start of the Romanian europresidency, which began on 10 January 2019, came together with a wave of negative evaluations and comments in Western European media about the government in Bucharest and the Romanian political elite. Leading Bulgarian media also gave tribune to a number of analysts, who expressed their scepticism towards Romania, similar to the Western European, given that literally until the middle of 2018 Romanians were given constantly as example for successful reform in justice, economy and loyality to the West. The experts now sowed doubts that Romanian presidency will be successful. The analysts also reduced Romania of 20 million people to the person of the strong man in the Social Democratic Party Liviu Dragnea, who is criticised strongly in Western Europe and to the ironised prime minister Viorica Dancila.

The parallel with the Bulgarian europresidency, lauded for its tractability by Jean-Claude Juncker, is natural to be made. Until recently Romania was the country of excellence in the region, because of ”anti-corruption” and its ”awaken civil society”, which ”opposes the thieves in politics”. Now Bulgarians were to live their small media moment of glory as most loyal and responsible representatives of the EU in the region. This change was taking place while Romania was transforming itself into a country, which, according to the interpretations, ”is not looked at with credibility” in European institutions and in the other country-members. A possibility arose that the government in Sofia shines before the European partners, pushing itself away from Romania, with which it had been in tandem for the last two decades. It is expected that Bulgaria will be admitted to the Schengen space until the end of the Juncker commission, while no such announcements have been given to Bucharest.

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Vladimir Mitev: Liviu Dragnea answers to the negative report of the European Commission by attempting to neutralise his party opponents


(photo: Bulgarian National Radio)

The founder of the the blog ”The Bridge of Friendship” gave an interview to the Bulgarian National Radio about the latest ministerial changes in the Romanian cabinet

The emission for international politics of the Bulgarian Natioanal Radio – ”Saturday 150”, interviewed the founder of the blog ”The  Bridge of Friendship” and editor of the Romanian section of the site ”The Barricade” Vladimir Mitev on the current political events and relations in Romania.

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