Ivan Kyurkchiev: I work for the close cultural relations with Romania

Ivan Kyurkchiev (photo: The Bridge of Friendship)

The director of State Opera – Rousse discusses the cross-border cultural cooperation and the events which mark the Opera’s 70th anniversary

Smaranda Şchiopu

Vladimir Mitev

Ivan Kyurkchiev has been the director of State Opera – Rousse since 2017. He comes from a family of musicians and he started playing the violin at the age of 6. He  graduated from the musical high school in Rousse, studying viola and opera singing. He fulfilled his military service in the choir of the construction troops, with whom he had his first concerts abroad. In the last year of his studies of opera singing in the Conservatory in Sofia he was selected to specialise in ”La Scala” in Milano for two years. In his second year he won the competition ”Enrico Caruso” and then he received the chance to stay and work in Italy. Kyurkchiev has sung in many Italian  cities, in South America, in Marsilia, Bordeaux, Montpelier, Budapest, Prague and other European cities. In 1996 he became the director of State Opera – Rousse for the first time. In 2000 he established his events company ”Opera Verdi”, which has organised performances for almost all Bulgarian opera theatres in Europe and the USA. At the end of 2017 Ivan Kyurkchiev became the director of State Opera – Rousse for the second time. 

This text is part of a journalistic project by Smaranda Şchiopu and Vladimir Mitev, through which they try to better understand the Bulgarian-Romanian relations in the cross-border area around the Danube. 

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A ballet gala took place on the scene of Theatre Tudor Vianu in Giurgiu

Mizuki Higashino and Masaki Takada from the Ballet of State Opera Rousse on the scene in Giurgiu (photo: Cornel Calagiu)  

The Ballet of the State Opera Rousse has interpreted classical and contemporary ballet fragments in Giurgiu

This text is a press release by the Theatre Tudor Vianu Giurgiu.

Călin Şabac

I haven’t read any announcements for visits in Giurgiu of classical and contemporary ballet teams in the last 20 years. And now, as a result of an inspiring cultural cooperation between the Theatre “Tudor Vianu” in Giurgiu and the State Opera in Rousse on the day of 22 April 2019 we hosted on the scene of Giurgiu a real ballet gala. Famous fragments from 20 masterpieces of the universal ballet heritage were interpreted by 30 ballet dancers from the Bulgarian neighbouring city. The public of Giurgiu applauded the impressive performances of the Bulgarian dancers numerous times.

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Ruse Summer Free Tour Starts on 4th May 2019 for a Fourth Consecutive Summer

(photo: Ruse Summer Free Tour)

This text represents a press release by the Ruse Summer Free Tour. 

The free walking tours in Rousse, known as Ruse Summer Free Tour, launch on 4 May 2019 for a fourth consecutive summer in a row. The tours are intended to both Bulgarian and foreign guests as well as the residents of Rousse, and their route passes by the most popular buildings and places in the central parts of the city.

As with the previous three seasons, this year too the tours will take place every Saturday from May to September at 6:00PM from the Statue of Liberty where professionals and enthusiasts from the tourist industry in the region will tell the stories and city legends behind the places visitors will go by during the tours.

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Evgeni Ignatov: The International Run ”Giurgiu-Rousse” brings new friends to both our cities

Evgeni Ignatov (photo: Vladimir Mitev)

An interview with the organizer of the 15-km long run between the centers of Giurgiu and Rousse – about the Bulgarian-Romanian collaboration in sport, about the culture of running, which is on the rise in Romania and Bulgaria, and about the European spirit of the sport event

Vladimir Mitev

Evgeni Ignatov is a Bulgarian athlete and a president of the athlete club ”Dounav” Rousse. He is a golden medal winner at the Alternative Olympic Games in Moscow in 1984 and has success in a lot of running competitions in Western Europe in the 80s (including a silver medal from the European Championship in 3 km distance running in hall in Grenoble in 1981). From 2016 Ignatov is the main force behind the International Free Spirit Run ”Giurgiu-Rousse” – a sport event, which permits each autumn its participants to pass the distance between the centers of Giurgiu and Rousse (15 km). It is organised by the municipalities of both cities and by the two light athletics clubs – ”Dounav” Rousse and „Dunarea” Giurgiu. Every even year the main organizer of the competition is the Bulgarian party, it starts in Giurgiu and ends in Rousse, while every odd year its main organizer is the Romanian party, it starts in Rousse and finishes in Giurgiu. The run passes „The Bridge of Friendship“ between Rousse and Giurgiu.

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Ruse Summer Free Tour returns this summer

The Liberty Square in Ruse (photo: Ruse Summer Free Tour)

The free tour will take place for a third year in a row

This text is a press release by The Ruse Summer Free Tour

For a third year in a row Ruse Summer Free Tour welcomes the guests of Ruse and the region to show them around the landmarks of the town. The professional guides will be waiting for the curious to reveal the atmosphere of the city every Saturday, including public holidays, at 6 pm with a meeting place at the Statue of Liberty. The free tours are held in English, cover the central city parts and span an hour and a half. The first official tour this summer will take place on May 5th 2018.

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The Rousse Summer Free Tour is back in action

The garden at the center of Rousse is a beautiful place for walk and talk (photo: Rousse Summer Free Tour)

Every Saturday evening the tourist guides offer a walk along the most interesting and beautiful places in the city in an attempt to promote its history and heritage

Starting with 2016 Rousse has its own free tour of the center – The Rousse Summer Free Tour. It will be restarted on 6 May 2017. The organizers of the tour want to bring about the city’s promotion as a tourist destination for travellers, for guests of Rousse from other parts of the country and the world, and to unveil curious historical facts before its own citizens.

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