In which domains Bulgaria does it better than Romania?

(photo: Groubani, Wikipedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

According to the data, gathered by the answer is: taxes, spent European funds, tourism and, surprisingly, salaries

Anca Olteanu

This article was published on 1 February 2019 on the Romanian economic site ”” and is republished hear with the permission of Wall-street and with small modifications. 

Romania and Bulgaria have entered in the EU in the same year, but their roads have departed over time. If we often laud ourselves that our results are better than those of the neighbours, comparing ourselves with them constantly, the reality of statistics gives advantage to the country beyond Danube. In Bulgaria taxes upon salaries are lower, there is a budget surplus and more tourists. Bulgaria has overtaken Romania, but it looks like no one is interested to observe it.

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Gavrail Gavrailov: Where is the human face of Bulgarian tourism?

Gavrail Gavrailov (photo: Gavrail Gavrailov)

Interview with the coauthor of the book, full of ideas for travelling in Danubian Bulgaria, „From the Balkan to the Danube” – about the tendency of tourism becoming a smart experience, about its potential to connect Romanians and Bulgarians and about the tourist initiatives, which modernize Bulgaria

Vladimir Mitev

Gavrail Gavrailov is born in 1979 in Plovdiv. He has BA in Political Science (2002) and MA in “Applied Psychology” (2004) from the University of Plovdiv. Starting from March 2016, he is a PHD student in the department of “Applied and Institutional Sociology” of the University of Plovdiv. His focus of research is “The Social Entrepreneurship in the Rhodopes in the 21st century (2000-2018)”.

He is interested in sociology of local communities, regional development, ecology, rural tourism and development of alternative green communities. He is the author of the books “North-East Bulgaria – a guide for travellers” (2013), “The Rhodopes – searching for the roots” (2014), “The villages in Bulgaria – directions for tourism and culture” (2015). He has worked in advertisement, media, tourism and politics.

Gavrail Gavrailov is the author of the book with ideas on travelling in Danubian Bulgaria “From the Balkan to the Danube”, along with Vessela Nickolaeva – editor-in-chief of the site for tourist travellings in North-West Bulgaria “” and the tourist guide from Rousse Mihail Mihov. The book overviews interesting facts from the history, about ethnic communities, about the present realities and the innovative tourist initiatives in Danubian Bulgaria. The Barricade talked with Gavrail Gavrailov, trying to understand to what extent tourism could be a source for social change in Bulgaria.

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Ruse Summer Free Tour returns this summer

The Liberty Square in Ruse (photo: Ruse Summer Free Tour)

The free tour will take place for a third year in a row

This text is a press release by The Ruse Summer Free Tour

For a third year in a row Ruse Summer Free Tour welcomes the guests of Ruse and the region to show them around the landmarks of the town. The professional guides will be waiting for the curious to reveal the atmosphere of the city every Saturday, including public holidays, at 6 pm with a meeting place at the Statue of Liberty. The free tours are held in English, cover the central city parts and span an hour and a half. The first official tour this summer will take place on May 5th 2018.

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